23 April 2010

Magpie Tales #11...Thrush-in-Tree

Gnarled roots like fingers grip
an ebony cane with a silver tip
Leaves drape shadows over wood
Carved like stone where angels stood

Darkness like a veil encloses
empty soil where once bloomed roses
Under tree trunk thick and strong
a desolate thrush cries out in song

'Come back, come back my love,
thou art as pretty as the stars above.'
Alas for he, love is unrequited
But he knows not, so is truly delighted

He finds below his perch in tree
a silvered cane from she to he
he realises little and not enough
This gift 'tis not but useless fluff

He is not a thieving bird,
nor can she sing single word
they can look and pass a glance
but for anything else there is not a chance

So thrush sings on, sings on,
and magpie wings on, wings on,
never to meet, never to speak
totally dissimilar except for their similar beaks

And somewhere someone will hear with glee
The ballad of the thrush-in-tree
They'll pause not once from their quiet stroll
knowing their cane lies safe in sheltered knoll

Magpie Tales


chiccoreal said...

Dear Aiofe.Troxel: Magnificent verse. Classic poetry! I am reminded of a romp through a forested glen to find this reclaimed by nature walking cane . Mighty fine writing!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this very much. Such vivid imagery!

Chhaya said...

there is an amazing depth in ur poems. layers and layer..

first time at ur blog... loved reading :)

willow said...

Some beautiful writing here. Lovely rhyme patterns. And I really like how you included the magpie!

Teri said...

Love the concept and wonder: who writes what? Does one person write something and the other finishes or do you both collaborate on all the words? Just wondering...

Aoife.Troxel said...

Here is an explanation :)

Star said...

A fitting end for a cane and a love story. Lovely; I really enjoyed it. The words are woven together so well!

Catalyst said...

Amazing talent! And only a teenager! I predict a bright future.

Brian Miller said...

wow. your verse was just magnificent...i have little to say other than bravo! nice magpie!

christine said...

Full of imagery and very clever rhyme patterns.

I am in awe of such poetry


Lyn said...

Such a clever poem..lovely old fashioned feel! Thank you...

Kuyerjudd said...

Great imagery in this one. I especially loved the rhyme patterns--but perhaps not as much as I loved the way you ended the poem.

Tumblewords: said...

So mystical and magical - beautifully crafted!

sheri... said...

this was lovely, smooth and lilting...a fine magpie!

Anonymous said...

The rhythm was perfect. Easy to read but very profound. Great job.

Jingle said...

especially in poetry form!

here is mine!

Jennifer said...

You've a wonderful way with verse here, and I love the wistful feel. Great job!

joanny said...

You capture the feelings or essence of the little thrush, which makes you smile, feel light headed, and wistful at the same time.


C.M. Jackson said...

loved this--thought of Poe...could hear their songs...excellent post!