04 August 2010

'Divided City' Book Review

I read this a while ago, have been meaning to review. This reminded me a lot of Ireland. Indeed, Ireland was mentioned, and Scotland is not that far away. Once again, I had never read anything by Theresa Breslin (at least, not if my memory serves correct).

Divided City is a wonderfully timed book, in an age when differences in religion are still a major consideration, for all the attempts to reconcile. I was a little confused when the viewpoint switched at times, though that might be because I was reading it quickly, and therefore missed key points of difference between Graham and Joe. I have never been to Glasgow, but it was described in such detail as to make me want to.
I really enjoyed this. Even though there was much in it I could not relate to, such as the protagonists being male and loving football, I still felt a part of their world, a part of Glasgow.
The novel is one of hope. Those who help Kyoul are a welcome few unlike the ones who would leave a young man to die after knifing him, or throw chairs at someone who supports a different football side and religion. It left me with a sense of injustice for people who are innocent of any heinous crimes and who are punished for being different in race, religion, beliefs, or heart. Yet at the end of the novel there is hope, even just a small piece of hope, that say maybe we can stop such injustices someday.

I give it:

Plot: ****
Characters: *****
Voice: ***
Dialogue: ****

Which means...four stars
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