03 August 2010

'After the Death of Alice Bennett' Book Review

I read this a while ago, but have had the post in drafts, meaning to finish it. Now I have. I had never read anything by this author before, but this was well-written and if I see more by the same, I will read them without hesitation.

Rowland Molony's story of a boy who texts a number believing it to be his dead mother was very good.
Though the blurb implied (or else I just inferred) that the big question was who was answering him, and the reader found out very early, I guess the fact that Sam didn't was the important part.
I especially liked how at the end it was all tied together, and everything made perfect sense, but yet you could see Sam interpreting it the way he did and not feel that he was silly in doing so.
I didn't particularly like when it started, I felt that maybe a little later in the story instead of so soon after her death might have been better.

I give it:

Plot: ***
Characters: ***
Voice: ****
Dialogue: ***

Which means...three stars
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