01 April 2010

Theme Thursday

Bright cheery kitchen
with seventies decor
neon diner clock,
chequered linoleum floor.

'Sunny side up?'
'Yes please.'
(it's a chipped melamine plate
but the toast has melted cheese)

Sizzling skillet frying a full Irish*
City people thinking 'I wish...'

Past the skyscrapers they imagine...
They can see the country loam
smell the fields in their food
close their eyes and think of home

*A full Irish breakfast: eggs, rashers, sausages, black and white pudding, brown bread, porridge, toast, orange juice, a tomato, and more of the above

Theme Thursday, where interpretations run amok

{painting: yellow and gold by Mark Rothko}


Ziva said...

This was a great take on 'yellow'. :)

Aoife.Troxel said...

Thank you. Yellow always makes me think of breakfast, what with kitchen decor and eggs, and occasionally orange juice