30 January 2011


Yesterday morning I saw a satellite that for a minute I thought was a plane and I thought...
Orion is my favourite constellation
and Venus was bright in the sky tonight
but there are still clouds that hide the moon
even when it shines full and bright
and when the sky looks empty,
there are still people up there,
and even if we are alone in the galaxy,
some of us will still be scared,
the moon you see is the same one they do
and the man or the rabbit is just an illusion
even science can't explain everything,
sometimes it's all confusion.

One Single Impression 

27 January 2011


So I finally have a minute of time so I decided to say: I am still here.
It even seems hopeful that Sunday will be creatively fruitful.
In the meantime...
This is an interesting sign.

11 January 2011

Back to school after a nice but chaotic break although holidays are usually supposed to make you more relaxed rather than less but anyway work seems to be and have been piling up so I will probably be hibernating in a little cave somewhere 'out there' until sometime next week if not later. Too bad.