05 April 2010

NaPoWriMo...Day Three

Write about something that scares you. It could be tarantulas or your significant other cheating on you or an existential fear of the unknown so long as it unsettles you. Describe it in the most vivid language possible!

I like the dark, really I do
It's not the dark I'm afraid of...
It's you!

You creepies, you crawlies,
you 'sneak-down-the-wall'-ies

You murderers, you snitch-ers
you 'turn-off-the-light-switch'-ers

You 'hide-in-the-dark'-ies
You "I hid bodies in the park"-ies

You demonic, devilish sirens-or-such
Lurking around, seeing by touch

No I am not afraid of the twilight
It's the little night critters who give me a fright

Creeping and crawling, oozing and goozing
Sneaking about while I'm quietly snoozing

I am not afraid; I won't scream or shout
but the little night critters better watch out!

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