20 April 2010

Tales on Tuesday...All in the Family

I missed last week's Tales on Tuesday, but it's now posted below this post, so have a look at it if you will ;)

Mum was a petty thief, and Johnny was a burglar.
Daddy was a pick-pocket and Susy was a hustler.
Billy was an arsonist and Sonny was a mugger.
Lucy committed insurance fraud and Rose-Beth stole credit card details.
Me? I was law-abiding.
But now I'm an orphan. They're all dead and I'm silent.
But if you lean closer, I'll tell you where I buried them.

Short but (not) sweet. I found this week's prompt rather difficult I must admit.

This is a Tales on Tuesday post.


quilly said...

LOL! I LOVED this! I am sitting here chuckling. What a great surprise the ending is.

Anonymous said...

OMG my friend. I love this. Talk about keeping this all in the family. Very well written and the ending was a complete shock. Loved it :) Have a great week ahead :)

juliana said...

phew, some family! well, this title brought up some darker aspects in most of us. and it's interesting that we find it hard to write about something which is, in a way, closest to us.
in any case, well done!