27 April 2010

Tales on Tuesday...My Favourite Martian

The easiest way to hide an alien would be to leave it in Times Square. So it's said.
So there I was. People saw me, but they walked on. Because when people see something strange, but those around them are not reacting, they do not react either. They deceive themselves into not seeing me.
Perhaps the most wondered alien question is 'what do aliens look like?' Well I ask, what do people look like?
People are strange creature, and not one alike, though some more than others. So it is with aliens. We have different races too; there is not just one other alien race besides humanity, like it is true that
there is not just one other skin colour besides 'whites.'
Aliens are portrayed as kindly or evil, but usually understandable. How is it that you can understand an alien but not a Asian? Ha! Because it is not true, they do not speak your language, nor do we. But just like perhaps if you listened to a conversation in Mandarin, you would get some picture of it, you can listen to aliens and get a picture of us.
Who said we even speak? We might be advanced farther than you in communication, no need for words. Aliens are always either ahead or way behind you, what if we are on the same page?
Perhaps those you call 'aliens' have really travelled in time from your own world many years in the future or past, so that you think they are foreign. Is it not true that sometimes advanced science could be considered 'magic' to observers? So that something almost incomprehensibly different could be considered 'alien?'
Think on this earthlings, as I stand among you. As you pass by me. And think...could this have happened before? Could it have changed the world? Could something not understood have resulted in a suspension of disbelief so vast that it changed history? Made a man into a god?
Think on this earthlings as you live your lives and pass me by. Just because you do not understand me does not mean I am not what I am. I am what I am. And you have no power over my essence, my core, my reason to exist. You can lie about it, make it up, but I will not be changed.
I stand among you today different, equal, unnoticed. But tomorrow I could be immortal. Think carefully earthlings before you immortalise me, before my story becomes a fable for generations after you. I will stand here and you will pass, but all it takes is one notice and I will become legend.
Do you want that earthlings? Keep walking as you have walked past all those of my kind who preceded me. Keep walking, but you will never escape. Don't look me in the eye, I am different, I am scary. Don't read my sign, don't drop a coin in my hat. It won't matter in the end. Not for you.

Note: Feel free to read more into this than is there, but please don't take offence. It's just my opinion, and it doesn't mean I share every sentiment in it either.

This is a Tales on Tuesday post.


Grandma said...

At the end of the day, we are all more alike than we are different. It's easy to let the external differences distract us.

Interesting take on this one.

My Tuesday Tale

Jingle said...

awesome philosophy,
full of wit and power!