08 April 2010

Theme Thursday...Box

I carry the box to the mime and place it over his head. Immediately it disappears, and he finds it with his hands and lifts it.
He walks out on stage and bows within the confines of his box. The audience applauds, thinking they know what's to come.
He feels around and makes a show of being trapped. Only he and I know he really is.
He curls his arm awkwardly behind him to get at his pocket. He lifts out the knife just as we planned. He hacks at the box.
The box won't cut. He tries harder, I can see the strain on his face. He looks back at me, but I duck behind the curtain.
He smiles at the audience, but it is obvious he is panicking. He beckons at the audience and shouts something. The box is soundproof of course. A man in the front row whistles.
I smirk and wait. The mime throws down the knife and tries to inch the box toward the edge of the stage. It's too heavy of course.
He starts panting in fear. Of course, the box is airtight.
He looks back again. This time I give a small wave and an innocent smile. He gestures wildly, somewhat constricted by the box.
'Get on with it,' someone calls. The audience is getting bored.
He tries to sit down, but the box is too narrow. A young girl in the audience starts screaming in complaint.
I laugh out loud and look at one of the stagehands. 'Great show, isn't it?'
He shrugs and mutters into his mic.
I continue. 'The smart box makes all the difference doesn't it? Technology has advanced beyond what we ever imagined, don't you think? See look how his performance is improved by having a real box that the audience can't see.'
He listens urgently to his earpiece, then hurries onstage with a dismissing wave. I smile as the audience start to panic.
'He's not moving!'
'Mommy, what's wrong with the man?'
'Oh God...who has the box remote?'
'The stage manager, she's right over - '
I'm not there. I've fled the scene, taking the remote with me.
'Call an ambulance...and a tow truck. We can't move the box.'
I drop the remote in the gutter outside the airport. I glance at the television as I walk inside the terminal.
Woman drowned in river...body recovered today...two deaths in three days in downtown area...victims said to be related...family devastated by loss of three sisters
I'm free. And I've got no burdensome siblings - anymore.

 Theme Thursday, where interpretations run amok.


tony said...

Be Careful! A Plane Is only another box!

Brian Miller said...

oh now that is hot! i bet in some warehouse somewhere this is already being perfected...smiles.

Mama Zen said...

This is so creative! Wow!

PattiKen said...

You did such a great job writing the mime's experience within the box. It makes me think of the times I've watched people exhibit similar struggles with their own invisible boxes.

Dot-Com said...

Scary to be caught inside a box. How very well written. Happy Theme Thursday

Ji said...


here is mine!
Happy Sunday!

Ji said...

awesome job!