09 August 2010

'The Vanishing of Katharina Linden' Book Review

I figured out the abductor fairly shortly into the book, but it still made me second-guess myself. 
What I liked about it; the descriptions of the village were great. I have never been to Germany but one of my friends is German, it was nice to see it though the eye of a local (also her dad is English, so it seemed very similar to the book, even down to the relationship between the parents). I also liked the ending, it was happy. I like happy endings that seem likely. This wasn't exactly likely, in fact the whole book had surreal elements (death by hairspray), but it was still nice. However, just for once, could the person you most suspect actually be the abductor? Or is that just too boring?
I thought the title didn't quite suit the book, as it wasn't just about Katharina. I suspect the publishers of trying to make it sell-able. Then again maybe not. It is also quite a long title. I often like short and to-the-point with a bit of intrigue better. That said, I did like this book (mostly for the atmosphere). I really felt like I could be in Bad Münstereifel.

I give it:

Plot: ***
Characters: ***
Voice: ***
Dialogue: ****

Which means...three stars
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