24 April 2010

Theme Thursday...Lunch

The sign on the door says out to lunch.

'I've been waiting for over an hour,' she finally tells the secretary. 'When will he return?'
'Who?' the woman asks, confused.
'Your boss, Mr Richard. Who else?'
'Mr Richard doesn't work here any more, I'm afraid.'
'So whose office is that?'
'Mr Richard's.'
'But he's gone...it just says "out to lunch"'
'He's out to lunch.'
'You just said he doesn't work here any more,' she cries in frustration.
'He doesn't,' the secretary says tiredly.
She almost screams. In tight voice she asks;
'Where is he?'
'Mother Mervin's Marvelous Institute for the Mentally Unstable.'
Her mouth drops open.
The secretary smiles in satisfaction as she leaves.
'You can come out now, Mr. Richard,' she calls. 'Your wife has gone.'

Theme Thursday, where interpretations run amok.

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