05 August 2010

'A Girl Called Blue' Book Review

I like this because it was an Irish author and set in Ireland, and having taken out three HORRIBLE Irish author-written books at the same time, it was lovely to find a good one among the others. Once again, I (think I) have not yet read any other books by Marita Conlon-McKenna.

I like 'A Girl Called Blue' because it was very real. Especially recently with the church scandal and stories from my mum about going to school under the nuns, it could have been real life. I found it very sad that Blue had to be in an orphanage where most of the nuns where horrible or acted so out of fear. Only Sister Monica was nice, and I really liked her. I admired Blue's courage in stealing beads for her Halloween costume and her choice of costume, because she must have known it would get her in trouble. I also like how the author didn't make Blue out to be a child, she was able to do things and go places on her own.
The ending was disappointing, because I wanted Blue's story to be happier. I admit that it was very realistic though, I just wish it could have worked out better.

I give it:

Plot: ****
Characters: *****
Voice: ****
Dialogue: ***

Which means...three stars

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