06 April 2010

Tales on Tuesday...Golden Girls

We look down at the ground.
'Angels,' she whispers and it sounds like the wind.
The city is golden around us, lights sparkling like a Christmas tree.
'Angels,' I echo, glancing at the sky. It's a cloudy midnight, but the city's light pollution makes it dusk-like. 'In the country it would be pitch black tonight,' I say.
I follow her line of sight. We are nineteen stories up, would be higher but they aren't built yet. I am tired from scaling the aluminium ladders at opposite ends of the scaffolding, and my hands are cold from the frigid metal.
Below us, maybe there are people. I can't see any, even when I look where she is looking.
'What do you see?' I ask quietly.
She doesn't answer right away. 'We're like angels, Jenny. Looking down on everyone from Heaven.'
I glance at her, unable to read her thoughts.
She looks up. 'Angels in the clouds, just waiting to come down to earth.'
'We aren't angels.'
She turns away abruptly. ' Just waiting.'
'We aren't angels Marsha.'
'Down to earth...'
She has stepped off the edge of the building.
'Marsha?' I shriek.
'Marsha, where are you?' I run to the edge and look down.
'I changed my mind,' she mumbles.
Her hand is turning white from clutching the building.
'Here Marsha, grab my hand.' I reach out to her.
'I don't want to die, Jenny! I changed my mind.'
'I know, I know. Here take my hand.' I pull her back onto the metal framework.
I put my arm around her shoulder.
'Angels,' she whispers again. 'We were angels.'
'That's right,' I say. 'Genuine golden girls.'

This is a Tales on Tuesday post.


quilly said...

Yikes! I am so glad she changed her mind! I was holding my breath!

juliana said...

great... i held my breath throughout the story

Thom said...

What a thrilling story. I'm glad Marsha changed her mind and that Jenny was there for her. Very well written my friend :)

Nessa said...

Phew. Me too. That was edge of my seat reading.

Thanks for playing with us this week. i hope you join us again.

Grandma said...

Having watched the construction of several high-rises, I could really visualize this one. Of course, I want to know more. I understand Marsha's motivation for the climb, but why did Jenny go?

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