07 August 2010

'What I Was' Book Review

I have actually read 'Just in Case' by Meg Roscoff, which I enjoyed also. 'What I Was' is different, but still good.

I kept telling myself I didn't like it, that the way it was told and the stupidity of the narrator irked me. But in truth, it just drew me in and I kept reading and reading and reading. The truth about Finn surprised me, realising only shortly before the narrator. I would recommend this book to others, yes. The only thing I didn't like about it was the ending. It was too much like real life. I wanted happily ever after. But of course, that is not the way Meg Roscoff writes. And she writes lovely books that make you think but still tell a great story and have wonderful characters. I will definitely read more by her.

I give it:

Plot: *****
Characters: ****
Voice: ****
Dialogue: *****

Which means...four stars
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