20 August 2010

'Abarat 2' Book Review

From the blurb: Candy Quackenbush's adventures in the amazing world of the Abarat are getting more strange by the hour...Candy's companions must race against time to save her from the clutches of Carrion, and she must solve the mystery of her past before the forces of Night and Day clash and Absolute Midnight descends upon the islands.
This sequel to Abarat was even more enjoyable than the first. The amazing oil paintings were back to illustrate, and the writing and plot were still as smooth and gripping as ever. The characters were all well-rounded and had bad and good facets. I especially enjoyed the character of Christopher Carrion.
One would think that Clive Barker's imagination would be almost drained, but each new creature and place is as imaginative as wonderful as the last. I really enjoyed this.

I give it:

Plot: *****
Characters: ****
Voice: *****
Dialogue: ****

Which means...four stars
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