20 April 2010

Tales on Tuesday...Invisible Man

Walking behind her yesterday, watching and listening as she insulted them.
Tomorrow she confessed to embezzlement.
Maybe it wasn't her fault, it doesn't matter, no one will know.
It wasn't her fault she says again next week, it was them.
Always them, she says with venom on Saturday.
And she buys a new dress on Sunday, comes to work in a new car Monday.
On Tuesday she is fired.
Why? she asks them (it wasn't her fault after all).
They say goodbye.
Wednesday she is in bed with a hangover (not her fault)
Thursday she complains all day.
Friday he leaves with a note.
My darling wife, you had time for everything. For work, for buying clothes, for parties and pubs. But you never had time for me. I walked behind you all the time. 
You gave me a job as your assistant. I earned a third as much as you and you rubbed it in and refused to pay for for "husband" things like the electricity. You complained about your bosses, you stole money, and you gave the dirty work to me. When my anniversary gift for you wasn't as elaborate as yours for me (but surely was more heartfelt) you sulked. 
All this I dealt with. But your final insult? You didn't give me any of the money you stole.
I sole that money. You thought up a great idea, but who actually went about it? That was me darling. So I told your bosses, said I would retire willingly (so you would get the blame).
Now I'm leaving (where you can't find me) so don't cry any crocodile tears for me as you look at your bank account (empty) and the garage (empty) and the silver press (also empty). And if you are surprised by the Townshends, don't be, they've bought the house. 
So, I guess you wish maybe you had made time for me. Maybe you wish you could go back. Don't be sorry darling, it was a pleasure. 
I was your shadow, your invisible man. No regrets, isn't that what you said? Truthfully, I have none.
But I bet you do.

This is a Tales on Tuesday post. 

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juliana said...

well, she got what she deserved. it's better to look after those walking in your shadow