10 August 2010

'Forget Me Not' Book Review

I might have read Anne Cassidy before, but I remember little to nothing about it if I have...Are lost children books a trend (granted, neither this nor the other (The Disappearing of Katharina Linden) I read recently were new releases or anything, but what are the chances of two lost child books in such a short time?)

The blurb: Jade Henderson is missing, taken from her cot in the night. Stella Parfitt watches the police investigation  unfold, and begins to ask her own questions. Where was her mother that night? The woods hold a dark secret...
I got really caught up in this book. Who I suspected varied as I read on, sometimes reverting back to one, then changing to another character, but the ending was a surprise. It was one of those books you read thinking you know whodunnit but it's not that person. Then when you look back over it, all the clues point to the real killer/kidnapper/criminal.
Usually parallel stories (often spanning a generation) interest but tire and annoy me. This was an exception, as it felt like two separate stories, were it not for the common link; Terri. That is what made it so interesting.
It also made me question some things. Like, is it really right to give a child back to it's biological mother? Of course. If she doesn't even remember her biological mother? Maybe. If her biological mother never treated her right...but might have changed?

I give it:

Plot: *****
Characters: ****
Voice: *****
Dialogue: ****

Which means...four stars
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