13 July 2010

'Hazel' Book Review

I read this last night. I have read one or two other books by Julie Hearn, and enjoyed them. I picked this before I knew she wrote it, but it was enjoyable. 
I know people say children and teenagers are the hardest to write for because if they don't like the book, they won't finish it. I have never found that personally. The number of books I haven't finished I could count on one hand. Maybe because I am a fast reader, or read very few difficult books, or think the author deserves a fair chance, I don't know. But that is the way it is. So a lot of books that I read aren't as great as you might think. Just because I read the whole thing doesn't mean it was brilliant and captured my attention.

'Hazel', by Julie Hearn, is an enjoyable book. The historical aspects are very real, and the story is compelling, not just through Hazel's eyes, but the side story of women's fight for The Vote.
It read like two different books in my opinion. Trying not to spoil it, the second half where Hazel takes a trip is almost like a different book, and only at the end do the two sort of tie together.
I'm sure if I liked that about it, but it certainly kept it interesting.
I found it a bit tiresome. After a while, all I wanted was the resolution. It was a good story however, and was set perfectly in its time in the past. I also enjoyed Hazel's first person narrative through the medium of her typewriter.

I give it:

Plot: ***
Characters: *****
Voice: ****
Originality: ****
Dialogue: ***

 Which means...three stars.
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