17 March 2010

Two Authors...One Blog...Why...HOW?

Seeing how a few people seem to be a little bit confused about how this blog works, having two authors and all, I thought I would attempt to explain in a little more depth.
Well, since my mother (MM) and I are writers, a blog is a good promotional tool. I started this blog for her and for me, way back when I was a total amateur about blogging.
We each post under different names (or are SUPPOSED too...take note MM), so you can tell us apart. Failing that, we each have individual 'voices' as people do, so sometimes one can tell by the tone of the post who wrote it.
However, MM has written seven posts, and those of you who read her post (that looked sort of like a poem) about her hands were treated to her first post since 30 August 2009. On the other hand, I have recently reached my hundredth post, so its fairly obvious who is the real contributor to the blog. MM, as she said, doesn't have a lot of time to post, while I have more, which also means that I post more.
Finally, we don't collaborate on posts (though we often critique and definitely do read each other's posts) but we sometimes get an opinion before the post is posted.
Hopefully that clears things up a bit.

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