04 August 2010


We called it Icarus, because it wheeled
and spun like after a drink
It was feeble, the weakest of the three
all on one string, and it died most often
even when I ran to throw it in the air again
as soon as my back was turned it flopped
like a dead fish onto the shore,
no hope of resurrection
we might predict Icarus to fail,
but that said nothing of Daedalus
who fell last of all
alone in the clouds like a bird.

Three Word Wednesday

Flying small kites yesterday...they were great. We flew them with thread in a field, and tied two on to the string of the third, so there three three in the air. We did name one Icarus, none Daedalus though. Here is the link to how to make the ones we made Kite Plans: Bumble Bee.  I had no pictures of them or any other kites, so I used a picture of the clouds from an aeroplane I took a few years ago.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Very good how you managed to associate the three words with your own experience!I wanted a picture of your kites though!

K said...

The three words melted into this poem seamlessly. I like this poem and the subtle visualizations it evokes. Nicely done.

ThomG said...

really nice writing here, very descriptive and such a great idea for the narrative.

Leo said...

writing from own experience does work.. gives a different effect.. good one..!

Timothy P. Remp said...

Powerful piece. The descriptions and insight into the myth is very well done.


gautami tripathy said...

I like how it rlates to myth!

now it is there, now it isn't

R.S. Bohn said...

Sometimes, the required words stick out like a sore thumb. But here, the words seemed organic to the piece, if that makes sense (I don't always make sense, sorry!). Very nice, great imagery, and unique take on the prompt.

~willow~ said...

Lovely! I could immediately 'see' the kites strung together, with one dragging the others down more often than not.