08 August 2010

Header Photos: Revisited

Since I just got a new header photo, I thought it would be interesting to traverse the previous header photos, back over a year.
My first header photo was very amateurish. It was a few sheets of paper and pencil holder. I took it on my duvet in order to get a white background which I could subsequently change. However, the texture did not work for that. I tried to make it black, to no avail. It ended up patchy, but MM said it looked like a beach at night. Anyway, I made the mistake of not saving it, so when I changed it, it was lost to the ages. However, below is the before-black-"fill" version. Not bad. Here is where I posted about that photo.
After noticing that I had spelled writers' wrong, I got another header photo. My second header photo was for Christmas. Right after that I got a new header. But below is my Christmas one. There was text that said "Happy Christmas from Two Writers' Daily." I'm fairly sure it was this photo. Here is my post.
After Christmas, I changed it, incorporating two presents; my Moleskine notebook and DD's bogwood pen.
It feels like I missed a photo, as this is taken on my desk, purchased much later...
Next, it was changed to my most recent one, MM's fountain pen and inkwell. As a background; my desk and the wall.
Now my current one (This post will be updated and linked to for each subsequent header photo as  a matter of interest, therefore this photo is here. But you can just look at the top of the site.)

Edit June 21 2011: Now I have this one, taken to brighten and liven up this blog when I changed the background colour from back to white.

Edit 26 August 2011: I last changed the photo in April (but forget to edit this, hence the June date) and it was time for a new one, according to MM. So here it is.

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