28 August 2010

And So it Ends, My Friends

Monday I resume school. I have mixed emotions. I need to concentrate more on my studies this year.
As such, I will have to spend far less time blogging and visiting blogs. This makes me sad.
But, I expect to still visit and comment, and blog. In smaller doses.
I will try to schedule posts on the weekends and catch up on blogs then too (MM suggested it, but when she's home, she likes the computer, so I don't see it working out).
I realise that there are a lot of people who blog with full-time jobs, and young children, and numerous other distractions, so why can't I? In order to get a full-time job in the future, I have to now concentrate on my studies. Not that I'm not intelligent, just that I want to do more than simply pass, I want to excel.
I will try very hard to keep the standard as high as I felt it was this summer. The blog almost lived up to its name most weeks, sometimes exceeding it greatly (by that I mean daily posts). I have a lot more followers, and found a lot more blogs to follow.
It's funny, because I really wanted school to begin (to see my friends, of course), but now that it is impending so soon, I want the lazy summer to stay. Because it was lazy. And I was blogging, and writing, and now...
I will be doing different things, and I still want to have time to blog and write. But sometimes the best time to do those things in squashed in between life, because then you really have to make it worthwhile.
Saying goodbye to summer is not that hard, because I love autumn, and saying goodbye to laziness is not so hard, because I love routines. Perhaps it is the feeling that I should be sad that makes me sad to see summer go, but summer will be back. And in the meantime, I will do lots of things that are fun, and some that aren't, but when next summer comes, it will be different than if this summer kept going because of all the things in between, and that is good. That is why it is not so hard to see summer retreating.
All the bad things in life make the good things better.


Nessa said...

Good luck with your school. The blogs will always be around and everything runs in cycles.

sukipoet said...

good luck with the year ahead in school. I know you will do well and yes, at the end is the blessing of another summer!

Romeo said...

School is pretty important and I hope you excel! Pick up on your blog when you can - remember it's not supposed to be an obligation! I too have a hard time posting often and of course I want to visit blogs and comment...we all lead busy lives, and try and do our best. That's all you can fairly ask of yourself. Do well in school, blogs will be around for the in between times :)

"Her" and Romeo

BTW - thank you for visiting us recently, if was great hearing from you :)


You go and excel. Blogging is always here for the less busy moments. Good luck!