26 August 2010

A Load of Nonsense from Me

So I was at the Over the Edge open reading in Galway City Library earlier tonight, and this is what it was like:
Firstly, it was in the children's portion of the library (more space), and down there there is a pillar. Right. In. The. Middle of the floor. And guess who was sitting behind it?
You got in one: me.
Anyway, it wasn't bad. There is a woollen felt tree around the pillar, complete with felt leaves, felt apples, even felt fungi (my favourite part). And the way the wool was coloured it looked like a calf or a fawn, and also it was stretched and sewn around the pillar, and the branches looked like legs. It looked like a freaky sewn-fawn thing...
I also noticed; there was a fish-tank, and the fish kept going near the filter where the water splashes back in to the tank. And I wondered why. Did the bubbles just feel good? Or were they running out of air? Were they trying to hear the readings? Did they feel the nerves in the room and hyperventilate?
Also, there was this mobile hanging from the ceiling that was really cool. It was made out of rainbow popsicle sticks that spiralled around and around. And I got all nostalgic at the huge picture books. One was called 'Walking with Dasiy,' I think. Is it really fair cows are always called Daisy? But I couldn't see the cover, so I told myself it was a goose called Dasiy instead. Also there was this book called 'I'm Sorry,' and it was funny because I only noticed it when this woman was fumbling for her poem to read, and I can't remember if she actually said I'm sorry, but it was so fitting.
So I got to listen to the poems and stories rather than see them read, but oh well.
And you thought I wouldn't mention it, you hoped until this moment MM, but I am going to.
MM read a flash fiction called 'Cat and Mouse,' and she was nervous. I felt bad for her. I was going to read something, but I waited until the last moment and couldn't find it (it was the poem that I won Millcove with...under 18's section).
Also we were in a rush to post something that had to arrive for a deadline by tomorrow (good one MM), and we posted it with ten minutes to spare. And by the way, the Irish postal system is that good.
Actually we weren't the only ones rushing. Our sort-of-neighbour John Walsh was too. He posted his entry today as well. Come on people!
The sad part is there is no under 18 section unless you are local to the competition (which I am not), it's all over eighteen.
But two years ago, a seventeen year old won. What? Plus I didn't even think the story was that good, but oh well. Then I thought I could use a pen name and not let on it was me, but how would I cash my cheque?
Anyway, MM said she would talk to them about a children's section, and if I entered the adult section and placed, they can't really deny me a prize right? This would be next year anyway.
I was going to keep it about the reading, but I didn't remember too good. I couldn't see the people, just sometimes the back of their heads in the window, the parking garage across the street and the footpath, which were all very entertaining. Sadly most of the work escapes me.
Anyway, that was my night.

Thank you for reading a nonsense post brought to you by late night driving.


Nessa said...

A public reading would be very scary. I don't know if I could do it.

Aoife.Troxel said...

I've done a few smaller size ones and I thought they went okay. I do get very nervous though.
I'm kind of glad I didn't read this time, kind of sad.