26 August 2010

Theme Thursday: Equal

The thing about sequels
is they are often unequal
to all that preceded before
and the thing about elephants
is they can't learn to dance
so stand all alone on the floor
the thing about flies
is they buzz in your eyes
and annoy you more and more
and the thing about endings
is they are often impending
long after you start to snore.

 Theme Thursday, where interpretations run amok.


Brian Miller said...

ha. playful verse...not too many sequels hold up these days...i can think of a few back in the day...no snoring here...smiles. happy tt!

Nessa said...

I like all of these thoughts - seemly different but somehow related. Fun.

Julie said...

I tripped and giggled along with you during the mad dash to the end.

Good fun.

Bobbie said...

LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Cute way to work the theme :)

Baino said...

Short and sweet, good for a giggle, I'm late catching up.