23 August 2010

Miss M. Feiertag

Regarding the earlier post about the postcard, I sent a message to the ebay seller to ask if he knew anything about Miss Mary Feiertag, and he said:

She was a native of the Black Forest in Germany, came to Ireland and lived in Belfast where she met her future husband James Kerr - the sender of the cards. When they married they lived in Clones where {he} was a chemist. They had four children - two sons and two daughters. There are no surviving members of the family.

I guess there is no great mystery. Unless you count that the cards were in different handwriting, meaning they were sent by different people. Perhaps the seller is covering up the truth when he says her future husband sent them. Perhaps both she and her husband were involved in something not entirely legal.
On top of that is the fact she was listed as householder in the 1911 census. Was that before or after her "marriage?" Perhaps the Mary listed was her mother, and the younger Mary was already married and gone by 1911.
On the other hand, perhaps there is no great mystery, no cover-up, no scandal, and it is just a very ordinary postcard from one ordinary person to another, in the year of 1905.


Melissa Marsh said...

But how very sad that there are no surviving members of the family. You could write quite a story just with the info you have right there! :-)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love this post! This is exactly why I sell antiques...the stories they tell. Thanks for entering our APRON GIVEAWAY too. Lidy