24 August 2010

Bookshelf Revamp

In keeping with current trends (seen on The Steampunk Home here and One Must Shock the Bourgeois here and here)...I have turned the books on my meagre bookshelf spine side in. Well, just to see how it works for a while.
I think it probably won't. Because I can't tell which book is which.
But I like the way it looks.
A lot.
The Before:

The After:


Zlatica said...

Wow, an unusual view.
Not very practical though beautiful!
Thanks for your opinion about my packaging!

sukipoet said...

well i got a good laugh at this one. you'll make a mess trying to find a particular book as you'll have to pull them all out. but it does look....conforming.

Josh Healy said...
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Mimi and Tilly said...

Wow, let me know how this works. I like how it looks but might drive myself insane trying to find my books. I need a bookshelf revamp but am not sure what to do right now. Thank you for your beautifully supportive comment on my blog. I have had such a great year getting to know new friends and am really glad we met through the internet ether.

Aoife.Troxel said...

So far it has been working okay. I remember where some of the books are, but yesterday I was looking to see if I had any sequels (for an illustration), but couldn't really tell.

Nessa said...

This would make me totally nuts.