06 February 2010

Where I Have Been

Sometimes life overtakes work, even if that work is fun. So maybe that's not what happened to me, but at least it sounds poetic.

Today, we went to the library. When I had last gotten my work published, MM had given the librarian a copy, which she hung up. When we came in, the librarian told us that a woman had been in earlier, read the story, and had really enjoyed it. That was so cool!

And we went down to the beach, because a glorious fog had rolled in overnight and stuck around until early afternoon, and I wanted to get some good photos. We went down the nearest road, hoping to see Roisin (she's a horse). We saw her, and a pheasant! What a beautiful bird! It had a really red head, and a long tail, but it was quite skittish. I got some pics of it (and Roisin).

I got some pictures of a few spiderwebs, which MM has high hopes for, but I don't really think will work out too great. The auto-focus on the camera isn't great for macro, but I'm not expert enough to try manual focus without destroying settings that could be crucial.

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