21 February 2010

Soon to be 100 Posts #10

In ten more posts (aka ten more days...hopefully), I will have reached my one hundredth post.
While I could hope for more readers/followers, I am pretty satisfied with my achievements to date.
My blog will be one year old this July, and I am glad that it has not taken me that long to get one hundred posts, even though the blog was supposed to be daily.

Ten Reasons Why I thought I Would Never Get 100 Posts...

#1 I have a short attention span, and not a lot of determination (depending)

#2 For the longest while, no one read my blog, and still hardly anyone does (never consistently)

#3 I have hardly any free time due to bad habits such as watching television, and going on the internet (Facebook, games, etc.)

#4 I thought I would run out of ideas of things to post about

#5 My posts were (are) very long...so I used up a lot of ideas in one post

#6 I posted infrequently...sometimes I went for amost a month between posts (good thing for a daily blog, eh?)

#7 I spent a lot of time reading other people's blogs and being envious of their followers/good posts instead of working on my own

#8 After a while, I got tired of the name of the blog, but couldn't change it (because of the url), so I didn't want to post

#9 I had loads of good ideas for posts, but always forgot them...even when I started making a list of them

#10 And lastly... I never thought I would get one hundred posts because I sometimes wasn't all that in to the blog, and I usually desert things that I'm not all that in to.


willow said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

#8 made me chuckle, since I've wanted to change my blog name, as well. I guess I'm stuck.

When initially set up your blog, you just grab a name off the top of your head...at least that's what I did. After blogging a while, you get a feel for things, and better ideas. Oh, well.

Aoife.Troxel said...

Thanks willow. Your blog name isn't bad, at least if someone saw it they'd probably want to read it out of curiosity (hopefully) so that's good.
But I agree, most people pick a name off the top of their head...some people are happy with it though. I say good for them! It's just the rest of us...