22 February 2010

Soon to Be 100 Posts #9

Nine Reasons Why I am Glad I Will Reach 100 Posts

#1 It proves that I can accomplish/complete something if I put my mind to it, even if it gets tedious at times

#2 I am still attracting blog traffic.

#3 I have used the blog as a creative outlet at times, and I am glad I am writing more frequently

#4 I can look back at all my previous posts and see how far I've come, blog experience wise and just plain ol' experience wise

#5 When I Google my name there are lots of results, thanks almost entirely to this blog and various comment on other blogs

#6 Authors/novelists should have a blog, as they need to keep up with the current technology for reaching out to readers, and when I publish my first novel (hopefully in a few years or sooner) I will already have one...

#7 I have examples of my work and my personality that anyone interested in my writing or me as a writer can see.

#8 I have taken more photographs, and posted them ( most of them not half bad) than I would have had I not had the blog...sometimes taking photogrpahs specifically for a post, sometimes moulding a post around a photograph, sometimes just being able to find the right photograph to put into a post

#9 Lastly, I am glad that I reached (will reach) 100 posts because I am connecting with all sort of people all over the world. I could have given up at any time but I didn't and now look what I have achieved

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