16 February 2010

Old Book Smell

Wow, I am actually writing this four days ago, that's how caught up with posts I am!

I am trying to make the posts more daily (like that's gonna happen), so while I am in the mood for writing (and home alone with the cat), I am writing post-dated posts.

I think that the internet is very useful, but I hope everything doesn't become more virtual reality than real reality. I still want to read real books with real pages and read real magazines.

Speaking of real books, I was reading (in Writing Magazine) that scientists have actually determined what exactly, that "old book smell" is. Apparently it is "like grass, with a tang of acidity and a hint of vanilla."

I wonder if they will try to add it to the e-readers, like they are going to add sound to electric cars?
Will they make sure the book is (five, ten years?) old before adding the smell, so that a new book will not smell, or will smell like a new book?

Isn't that a bit over the top? (They probably won't go that far...hopefully)

According to the article, the smell of the book could eventually help determine (Hah! Queen Elizabeth spilt tea on THIS one) the book's history.

Note: If any of you eagle-eyed people noticed the selection of books, I have to plead my innocence on some counts. First of all, it you noticed that I own Breaking Dawn, I have to say, that is the ONLY Twilight book I own, and I am in no way a Twilight Groupie. Besides that, about the only other book you can determine is Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. Well, I really like Dan Brown's books, no excuses there. Thirdly, if you were actually there, at my bookshelf, you would notice other more redeeming books such as The Grapes of Wrath, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Pride and Prejudice, and the Holy Bible (that last one is not because I am a Catholic/Christian).

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