14 February 2010

Themes and Musings

When I am writing, I don't really have an intention. That is, I don't consciously make an effort to include any deeper meanings, nor do I (mostly) pre-choose a theme.

However, I find when I view my writing from an objective eye, it seems to be much better than I felt it to be whilst I was writing it.
Maybe I can pretend someone else wrote it (in fact, that IS what I do).

When someone reads it out, I pretend it is someone's else's work, and to my amazement, find that it is really good.

I think I have mentioned before, though no harm in saying again, that people seem to read deeper into what I write, and find themes and such. And I have said that I think perhaps it is my subconscious that includes these themes and deeper meanings, metaphors, etc.

Well, I actually like that. I think it is really cool, because it gives my writing so much more depth than I had intended. I can't seem to consciously write like that, though my last story did have an encoded message in the first letter of every paragraph (purposely).

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Dara said...

Aoife, people are always looking for deeper meaning to everything. i mean, probably half the things shakespear worte had nothing what so ever to do with the things our teacher coems out with. LOL! love the blog hun! you sound so grown up!