12 August 2009

Twitter Before His Time

What fascinates people about Twitter anyway? I think it's because humans are a nosy species. We want to know every detail of somebody else's life but have a definite idea that our own should be kept private.

With the fascination over the tiny details of somebody else's life, people can be grateful for what they "are not." And I put quotations because really, if they are that desperate to figure out what is not wrong with them, there must be a heck of a lot that is.
In fact, they only truthful statement one can make on twitter is; I'm typing my tweet right now.

The reason I bring this up is DD has told me the story of a man who "tweeted," by writing (longhand) in a journal exactly what he was doing at the moment (which is as impossible as twitter. I'm writing in my journal right now...)
His name was ... Anthropologists thought it would make a great tool to show how people lived in his time (to be read in the future, of course). However the ordinary public was sharp as nails and said it wasn't a true example because to do that in the first place one had to be insane. (Views have slightly changed, no?)

EDIT: DD and I both searched the web, but couldn't find hide nor hair of the man. His name or anything about him. There was nothing.

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