03 August 2009

Bank Holiday

Today is the August bank holiday.
Irish people seem to like holidays. Whether or not this holiday ever had a purpose beside getting off work, I don't know. Now it is just the "August bank holiday."
That certainly wouldn't happen in America. Every holiday there has a specific purpose though not many people are really aware of the purpose in great depth.
MM has finally posted again, as you may have noticed. She is getting better at posting.
Always a good word for me, I have noticed! She wants a deadline... So if by seven o' clock each evening, if she hasn't posted and has no good reason why, I will pester her.
That may not sound like a threat, but coming from me...It is. DD knows well, as I have been bothering him whilst he is playing his online poker. He could never play at a real table, because he makes odd noises of delight and disgust when he loses/wins.
He has just won a tournament. He wins a grand total of...five cents($). He requests that I mention he thinks he "will soon become a grand master at poker" like he "is currently a grand master at computers."

Right now I cannot get the tune 'On Top of Old Smokey' out of my head. Of course, after singing it, both DD and MM have it stuck in their heads as well. DD is whistling it now.

"I amaze myself!" DD shouts. He then does a little dance saying; "Go me! Go me!"
That's why he can't play poker at a real table. "I just won ten cents! First place in both tournaments I played!"

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