05 August 2009

CSI For the Muse

Heard CSIireland.com is coming to Dublin! What a fab opportunity to check out crime scene investigations. Perfect for a short story or two. WOW isn't too thrilled! I'm amazed at the thoughts of the entire process of checking it out. Well, I plan on seeing it and participating. May be totally grossed out but will have those creative juices going ape. Have emptied the Spiddal Library, one of the best around with a fab librarian who's always got her eye out on a good read for you. And, she knows what your interests are. How neat to go in and find there's a stash ready and waiting - that your reading interests have been on her mind and she's been collecting steadily. Mind you myself and WOW will soon have read about every book there if we keep going as we are. Well, gotta head to check out some of those good reads. So, perhaps I've made WOW happy now with a posting! :)

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