23 August 2009

Crosswords, Vocabulary, and Ideas

I have a few comments to make about the title of this post. Firstly: things are better in threes, aren't they? Say, chocolate bars. But maybe not trips to the dentist. (Shouldn't have said that. Haven't been in a long time, and the guilt!). I think I read somewhere that titles should be three words. Or maybe that was for articles? And the words should be (alliterated?). That is, the phrase should be alliteration. It attracts the reader because usually the three words describe the content of the piece very well, and occasionally have the added bonus of being humorous.
Secondly, I have a comment to make about the "extra" comma before the 'and'. I personally feel that that comma should be included. Since I already mentioned how I like to write dialogue the exact way it is said, I say the same with lists. Not putting that comma is like saying 'bananas' and then as an afterthought, not even in the same sentence, 'oranges and apples.' (Bananas is one of those stumper words that I can never spell. Surprisingly, I read that one of the most commonly mispelt words is not actually "mispelt" itself, but rather "doughnut.") I have had two teachers in the same year; one said her pet hate was to not have pupils put in that comma. Then I handed up an essay to the other. The thing she marked wrong? That comma. Grr. And I got a 99%, rather than the deserved 100%.
Thirdly, the actual content of the post (Yay! Finally). Okay. Starting from... the last word. Ideas. I seem to come up with an awful lot of ideas of things to blog about while in bed, trying to fall asleep. So...what to do? Well, last night I wrote down the two ideas I had. (Guess what they were? Crosswords and...*I run to check the notebook* baby clothes. Okay, bye bye baby clothes. But anyway...crosswords.) And then, today I am blogging about them. So 'hey' I thought. If I write down these ideas, then maybe the blog really will go daily. (It's like it's a newspaper. A weekly at the moment.)
Crosswords; I happen to do a lot. I rather like them. They expand your vocabulary (Yes, that is the other topic). I get mine from here. They may be rather hard. Not difficult, I mean bite-your-lip-and-growl "I knew that was the @#$%^ answer, but why didn't they say 32 down was two words?"-annoying. Actually, I don't find that personally true. That's MM and DD's department. They go ballistic when that happens. Which it often does. So...anyway. The crosswords aren't high quality, the clues/answers are repeated, and they don't say how many letters are in the answer, or how many words the answer is. But there is a new crossword every day, a print function, and if you miss a day, there is the archive.
Lastly, vocabulary. I like expanding my vocabulary. However, I find it annoying when people don't understand the words I use. Likewise, I find it annoying when people use words I don't understand. So, there is no way to win except to know your synonyms and antonyms well, and always make an effort to expand your vocabulary.
Hopefully next post will be tomorrow. Subject already determined: baby clothes.
P.S. MM post again.

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