02 August 2009

Ballinderreen Walk & Workshop

I'm under severe pressure from the WOW. Jeeze a deadline would be much easier. I just don't get this blogging thing and it doesn't really thrill me the same way it does WOW. Spent the day walking around a farm in Ballinderreen and it was a fab day. A bunch of us writers met, many thanks to our host and poet, Miceal Kearney who opened his home and farm to us all. And, even built us a shelter should the rain pour down as was expected! Miceal's poems, from the ones I read, are vibrant with outdoor, farm life. You can see the Oak, Hazel and Ash trees, feel their movements in the winds or glistening in the moon or sunlight. Thanks too to Brendan, Lisa and John who shared their creative work as we sat on the hewn tree bark chairs Miceal made for the occasion. You'd never have known we didn't all know each other. The connection was quick and worshop feedback right on the button: focused, professional and encouraging. So, if you're looking for a walk and workshop event in Galway anytime in the autumn, Miceal is hoping to host one again. Keep an eye out and ensure you've got your wellies, rain gear and manuscripts on hand. In the meantime, KEEP WRITING!

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