02 August 2009

August Already

It's August already!
I haven't been posting, but I have a good reason why. I have decided that it is only worth posting if I have something worthwhile to say.
That means no more really short posts daily, rather longer ones less frequently. The 'daily' blog has now become just a figurehead name.
MM has not posted, though every time she is on the computer I remind her. I can't see what she finds wrong with it, though she is insisting it is "generational."
However, DD makes a very good point when he says there are lots of people posting who are of all ages.
I am happy at the moment because my story was published in Writer's Forum magazine, and my horoscope for August says to 'focus on the things that are going well and stop self-doubt', which I am prone to do. So I will focus on the writing, as that is obviously going very well. I just need a new story to send out.

If the next post is by me, and not MM, there will be trouble.

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