26 August 2009

Fiji Water

Taken by Magpie372

Earlier I was looking at 'Today on Aol,' and happened to see a story about Fiji Water. I just had to look, as I had had a hilarious experience regarding Fiji water before.
I kept seeing Fiji Water in the stores and, because of its odd shape, happened to notice it often. I actually bought it once, but it tasted horrible. I suppose it was because it was mineral water. It tasted like someone had ground up a few stones into powder and mixed it in so you couldn't see it.
Its shape really does stand out, being a rectangle. The only other bottle I've seen shaped like that contained - well let me share the story first.
So I was eating lunch in school, and saw this girl a few tables over drinking Fiji Water - like I said, I notice it a lot because of its odd shape. Anyway, lunch ended, and everyone walked down the hallway to return to their classrooms. That same girl happened to have the classroom across from mine, so we were near to each other. Well, her teacher was walking outside the classroom, and she sees the bottle.
'What's that?' she asks, trying to sound innocent, but I knew what she was thinking.
'It's Fiji Water' the girl said, and of course explained the whole extra-minerals, good-for-you sort of stuff.
Her teacher seemed pretty relieved.
Why? Well obviously she had had the same thought I had when I first saw it. The bottle sure looks like a bottle of vodka.

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