26 July 2009

Ways to access creativity

Accessing that creative part of yourself often takes some quiet time. At least for me it does. And so, I journeyed to the Coral Beach here in Galway to start it rolling. The smash of the waves against the rocks, roiling sea foam and the air whipping against your face is enough to awaken anything. Even the dead. I need those trips into self, the quiet time to slough off the daily grind and get me into my zone. Now, I can enjoy the slap of the rain against the windows here and think of the Bog Man character lurking in my mind. He's taking shape as my stories often do. A little composting time and then it'll be time to spew. Time to get his story on the page. So I leave to go staring at the beating rain and welcome the Bog Man's visit. Be back.

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