10 July 2009


I recall something in the name of this blog with a "d"... 
Oh yeah! Daily! Since I FORGOT to post yesterday, that means this blog is no longer daily!
But I must protest, MM. You have not posted one single LETTER to this blog. And while my life was totally and utterly boring yesterday, yours probably wasn't!
BTW, I did show MM how to post and how to sign in, and all that. Yesterday she even showed quite a bit of interest in posting. But she didn't. Why?

On Wednesday I came up with an awesome idea for a story. But I can't say what, because ideas aren't copyrighted (sorry, but that's how it is).
I have (not) been keeping up with competitions, though. (Actually, let me check them out now)
I use this website, and look under competitions. These are mostly for the UK and Ireland.
I would like to enter the Foyle Young Poets of the Year, but that's for the UK. What about the Usbourne Young Writers Award? No, that's for the UK too.

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