08 July 2009

O2 Troubles

I have an O2 phone. This fact has given many people the cause to laugh and give advice. The first ever laugh was when MM and I walked into the O2 store to buy a phone. 

-Sales assistant: How may I help you?
-MM: I want to buy a phone.
-Sales assistant: Okay, we have Samsung, Nokia... 
-MM: I just want an O2 phone. 
-Sales assistant: *snigger* (in a very explanatory and patient tone) Yes, well all our phones work on O2. (Thinking - this is an O2 store!)
My friends tell me I have chosen the wrong provider. Up until last week I couldn't have cared less, to be honest. It's cheap enough, and all I need my phone for is emergencies.
However, whilst MM was topping up on-line (she hadn't quite got the gist of it, that could be why it all fell apart) she typed in the wrong access code. You only get two tries and then you get locked out of your cards, and so you can't top up.
Which is exactly what happened. So we called the customer service line and got a new access code. As of today we are still locked out of the cards, though.
So I signed into my account (rather than my father's, which is the one we normally top up out of) and accidentally used the wrong access code...and got locked out of my cards as well!
I'm beginning to lean toward Meteor...

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