06 July 2009

Since When is Ambition Not a Dirty Word?

Well, apparently as of this week's Irish Sunday Independent Life magazine. Personally, I never thought ambition was a dirty word in the first place, but there you go.
On the subject of ambition, I thought I would talk about my ambition as it is kind of relevant to my last post.
I said one way of finding out about a competition was by Googling your name. When I Google my name, only the top three results actually concern me. I can't help thinking it would be really cool to have the whole page of results concern me (I think I have it set to show ten results per page so that's at least ten results that concern me).
Of course MM (that stands for Mother Mine but coincidentally MM are my mother's initials anyway) has loads of results concerning her. Maybe because she worked at many newspapers as a reporter and her stories are archived on-line. She also has over thirty years on me. (*gasp*) Does that mean I have to wait thirty years for a whole page of Google results?

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