13 July 2009


Okay, I have forgotten to write yesterday and Saturday's post was pathetic (and hence deleted).
On Saturday, we had guests so I went to sleep at one o' clock in the morning.
Next day we got up at six. We took a three hour bus ride to Dublin, where we walked to Eason's on O'Connell street to use the toilet (and ended up buying some books).

Then we walked to the National Museum and walked around for three or four hours until it closed. It had lots of interesting things, including a hanging clock that dangled for three floors.
We walked to Arnott's basement (and bought some things), then we walked to Heuston Station and caught a bus back. I was so tired and annoyed by the time I returned home (eleven) - yet still determined to keep up the 'daily' blog - that I wrote as much as I could while leaning over the piles of boxes we had transferred onto the floor so the guests would have room to sleep on the bed. Whew!
Then yesterday, my annoying parents let me sleep in until one o'clock pm! Do you ever feel like your whole day is wasted when you get up late? Like the world has been going on for hours without you? I do. That's why I was so annoyed at waking up late.
After that, I went for a cycle with DD (Dear Dad. Those are not my father's initials, unlike with MM) until ten past five. Then MM got home from the food shop, and I helped unpack the food and put it away.
Then I sat and watched television. Did you know your brain is less active watching television then when you are sleeping? Scientific fact according to DD, who is in the know. Just yesterday I told him he had the "opposite of insomnia" because he fell asleep too much, and the know-it-all says "well actually the term is "narcolepsy". Sheesh, like I need an overload of pointless facts! (Actually I love pointless facts. That's why I love Stumbleupon. If you don't have it, get it).
On the subject of exclamation marks (of which this post is slightly in excess of), they are becoming more acceptable in society. That is to say, in prose. According to Writing Magazine (August 2009), an exclamation mark was acceptable only if put in every one and one half books, but now it is okay if there are more.
The last story I penned had many exclamation marks. That is because the character was an over-the-top shouting-for-no-reason type of guy.
I an fond of writing things down exactly how they are said. I mean exactly. If someone emphasizes a word, I put it in bold. I want to really show exactly how people talk. However, MM says the exclamation is implied by the dialogue itself. Alright, fine. Maaaybe that's so. Still, I feel like a person reading the story should be able to turn it into a play with minimal effort. Which totally discredits the intellect of the reader. *sigh*
Anyway, that's all folks. (for now)
P.S. MM, get on the ball! Post something!

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