20 July 2009

Beginner Blog

Phew, I've been fighting this and now there's no going back. The Wee One won't let me. WO feels her name sucks. Guess I'll rethink some more. But nah, like WO. Maybe it's Wee One now Woman. WOW! Now I'll bet she'd like that one. Yeah, so here I am trying to think of what I'd like to write about. Is anything bothering me... la di dah. I'm thinking this is pathetic but WOW feels some of hers might have been too. For some reason blogging seems like much more personal. Like it's my own personal diary and I'm not sure I want to share some of that. Funny thing is though, I won't have any problem were it to come to personal essays etc. Now WOW has begun to edit me. Tit for Tat and excuse the cliche! We've both been there, done that. Maybe this is enough for a first blog and I'll increase as the days go on. So, see ya. MM

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