21 July 2009


Wow, my titles are pathetic. The last two have been respectively 'Monday' and 'Tuesday.'
I have had an interesting relationship with water. When I was younger (in Maine) we had a well and the tap water was good. I would drink it often, and enjoy it too.
The well, which was hand dug and only twenty feet deep, had metal pipes. One rusted through and leaked, so water pressure was ix-nay, but taste was alright.
Eventually a new well was dug. By machinery this time, and very deep. However, the taste of the water was yuck.
So we started buying seltzer from the shop. Just fizzy water. H2O plus CO2, no flavourings.
And we drunk that for, oh, years. Then we moved here, to Ireland.
Tap water still gross, but we buy unflavoured fizzy water. I however, soon grew tired of that. I now drink only Galway Springs Bottled Water, as far as water goes. The thing with seltzer is that it goes flat, and then has a fuzzy taste. Water doesn't. Also, water isn't so bad warm, but seltzer is.
So, that's my history with water.

MM has posted-count it- ONCE! She obviously needs to look in a dictionary under 'daily.' I actually heard her typing up a storm, and thought she might be posting, but no.
Post again MM! Once is not enough.

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