27 October 2010

Sepia Scene #105 and #106

Somehow I managed to forgo Sepia Scenes last week, so this week I am posting two photos.

The first is the full moon from last week over some houses near the sea at sunset.

The second has two photos. The first is the scene in sepia, but the second is as it was originally. You will notice it sort of had a rusty sepia tone already!


Marie said...

La luna looks awesome in sepia. Thanks for visiting me. Please have a great evening.

Ralph said...

A sepia moon looks beautiful, and it is almost dreamy in sepia. The field is lovely in both modes - it does look like a sepia field in the original, just a bit softer in a monochrome. It is nice seeing two sepia postings in one post!

Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

Love the first one :)


Annie said...

Lovely moon. I'm glad you pointed out that it was the moon. I would have thought it was a very sober sun on an overcast day.