18 October 2010


Winning isn't as simple as it seems,
sometimes reality is worse than the dream.
When you win at everything what have you achieved?
If you think you're something special, you have been deceived.

One Single Impression 

Sorry to bring up winning again, I'm still on a high. I never brag tell people I know about my success because from a young age I have been good at most things I put my mind too and people have never wanted to hear me happy about doing well when they haven't done well. So, you know, it's nice to share.


sukipoet said...

absolutely. share it all. Let us know of all your successes. How wonderful to be so talented.

Jingle said...


Nanka said...

Hey Champ, do not hesitate when you know you are good. It is sort of inspirational to others so don't feel bad about telling the world that you did it!! Congratulations!! :)