08 October 2010


I always thought that one perfect friend would be great. You know, one who shares every interest. It seemed that lots of people had them, and had had them since they were very young. But I guess having lots of friends who each have something in common with you isn't so bad.
I used to want a friend to share every interest but the truth is I have too many varied interests, I think, for it to be likely someone with the same to show up. They might exist somewhere, or have existed sometime, or will exist, but me finding them is unlikely.
So I have lots of friends with different interests and some share more than others. Still, it is most disappointing when someone you admire does not enjoy the same admirable thing that you do. If that makes sense?


EG Wow said...

I think it would be too hard for one person to like everything I like. :) Besides, it's nice to have lots of friends with different interests because sometimes they introduce you to different ideas and things to do. Hmmm. Does that make any sense? LOL

gs batty said...

like your thoughts here. It is nice to have lots of friends but one really good one is awesome. I have had one for 60 years. It is nice to say whatever I want to and he doesn't jucge me nor I him.