08 October 2010

Favourite Pen Friday #4

This pen was purchased by MM for DD last Christmas. At that time, she was working in Athlone, and that is where the particular shop and artisan are located. The pen is made of Irish bog oak, bog wood being wood that was preserved under the ground of the Irish bogs for thousand of years (from 2,000 up to 9,000 years). It is normally pine, oak or yew. The conditions of the bog change the colour of the wood to red brown (pine) jet black (oak) or dark brown (yew). It is commonly found while digging for turf in the bogs, and many artists use it in their work. It has a wonderful sheen when softly polished.

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gs batty said...

I have been scrolling thru your posts and found this one. I learned something about "Bog wood". Pens have always been of inerest to me. One of my secret desires has always been to be rich enough to fly to Paris and buy a $10,000 pen. Alas, poor me, it is not to be. Maybe I can scrape up enough to fly to Ireland and buy a bog wood pen.