09 March 2010

100 Posts #3

If I did miss America, and sometimes I do, here are three things (besides people) that I would and do miss...

#1 Grass. Not steroid bright green or green that is like a patchwork quilt. Dry green grass. Fields and fields of it, hills and dips, stretching on and on. Grass that turns yellow in the Autumn then dies, is brown as the snow melts, but then slowly, it greens up again. Grass that you have to cut almost once a week, and that leaves little clumps of cut grass that dry out, but when you pick them up the underside is moist where they have begun to decay against the earth. Grass that is speckled with dandelions, and from far off looks almost yellow. Grass that has a dewdrop on each blade early in the morning, sometimes a spider-web, gossamer strands supported just enough to sway in the breeze. Grass that you can lie down in without getting muddy, just sit back looking at the sky.

#2 Deciduous trees. Proper ones that aren't entrapped in ivy or are craggy death traps. Tress that you can climb, sit under, smell. Proper deciduous tree smell, that green, earthy, and somehow sweet smell...oak trees, maple trees, chestnut trees. Not they we don't have them here, but they are different here. Out of place, foreign, they don't blend in to the countryside; they are sore thumbs, elephants in the room.

#3 Being able to buy proper chocolate ice cream. What is up with that??? It's never stocked and if it is, it has chunks or bits, or chocolate chips. That's all well and good, but what about when you don't WANT chocolate chips? Smooth chocolate ice cream that melts in your mouth...I miss it!

On another note, I convinced MM to do Magpie Tales with me this week!! Yay!

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